Home is where the ❤ is Jan 8
Today we've redesigned our Home feed! We've ditched the standard thumbnails (you'll still see them on the rest of the website) and added brand new blocks of content that are aesthetically much much nicer to look at but also takes out the timestamp, so we don't feel to much pressure to constantly add avatars, wich hopefully will improve the quality of the avatars.
We've also added list blocks, to feature content or show the best of the month/year.
Note, the Home feed is still in beta, in the near future we'll add badges with new, featured content etc. Version: 0.7.0
2017 in Review Dec 31
With the last day of 2017 being today, it's time to look back and reflect. 2017 was the year I started to completely revamp CHESZY!
First of we moved from to, secondly I started to completely revamp CHESZY, with a brand new design, logo, redesigned pages and much more.
Third, I added a lot of new categories: Anime, Marvel, Emoji, Disney, Pixar, DC Universe, Cartoon and early next year: Star Wars.

In 2017 a record breaking 61,006 avatars got added.
As of today there are 302,870 avatars. 48,325 in Pokémon Anime, 43,062 in Movies, 59,498 in Television, 1,283 in Anime, 56,981* in Pokémon, 124,085 in Music, 4,804 in Marvel, 11,265 in Emoji, 3,546 in Disney, 4,096 in Pixar, 521 in DC Universe, 1,146 in Gaming, 7,004 in People and 1,122 in Cartoon

I want to thank every one for visiting CHESZY in 2017, and I hope to see you again in 2018!

* Including Pokémon Anime
Version: 0.6.10
And that's a wrap Dec 26
With the new Google Emojis I'll be wrapping up 2017. The rest of the year I'll be focussing on smashing bugs, changing a few things here and there. So... no new avatars will be added
Within a few days I'll be posting a year in review, so stay tuned for that!
Version: 0.6.9
A new way to explore Dec 21
Version: 0.6.9
CHESZY turns 9! 🎉🎈🎈 Oct 10
On October 10th, 2008, with the big comeback of Britney Spears, I started to make avatars. Started on, then moving to,, and now back on
As of today, CHESZY is the biggest source for avatars on the world wide web, with 284,626 avatars online.

Started as soley avatars of music videos, I quickly started to also add people, movies and television series.
In 2014, I started to lose interest in music, so I almost stopped making avatars all together, but after a long extended break, a complete redesign of CHESZY, recoded every aspect of the website, I started to enjoy making avatars again, in new categories: games and anime.
Not long after that, I started to add avatars from my all time favorite, serie/show/anime: Pokémon! And in 2016, I added all the Pokémon Movies and the Pokémon Anime.
As soon as the Pokémon Anime avatars are all added, I'll start to add avatars from different Animes.

Though, not as many people use avatars anymore, I still enjoy making this website. The coding and the avatars.
So... Up to the next 9 years 🎉🎈🎈 Version: 0.5.0
Updated Privacy & DMCA Policies Sep 24
We've updated our Privacy Policy to reflect improvements we've made to Cheszy. We encourage you to read the updated policy in full — by using our services on or after September 23, 2017, you’ll be agreeing to these revisions.
The new privacy policy now fully reflects our Site, with the new additions to Ads.

We've also updated and changed our DMCA Policy, from now on DMCA reports happen trough email only. Version: 0.4.18
An update about the BETA Sep 19
We're working on the public beta for over 3 months now, and the progress is slow but steady. In the past few weeks we've redesigned and disabled Collections (Ugh!!), changed the mobile design and made some (visual) improvements, whilst also working on new avatars.

We're not expecting the public beta to end any time soon... There's quite some work to be done... Redesign pretty much all the category pages and add a few brand new features.

Stay tuned. Version: 0.4.14 & 0.4.15
Redesigned Collections Sep 2
Today we've redesigned our Collection home and the Collections itself.
The thumbnails are now squares, so it's easier to navigate.

Be prepared for more changes in the coming weeks. Version: 0.4.7
New: Anime avatars Aug 14
Today we launch a new category: Anime avatars!

In the past year we've been slowly adding Pokémon anime avatars, and now Anime gets it's own dedicated category!

Almost 9 years ago, I started to make avatars from music videos and movies, and slowly I've started to add more categories. In the past year I started to notice that I didn't quite enjoy making avatars from music videos anymore. Thus I've decided to make the category Music, less prominent, and look into new content to add.

From time to time there still will be music avatars added, but don't expect every music video in avatars anymore.

In the coming months we'll be wrapping up Pokémon, and after that new animes! YAY! B-I-G YAY!!! Version: 0.3.0
2017 MTV Video Music Awards Aug 8
This year, just like every year, we'll be covering the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Version: 0.2.2
The BETA 3 / Playfull Update Jul 20
Today we've updated CHESZY to version 0.1.0.
In this update we've made the toolbar bigger, redesigned the left menu (gutter). On smaller screens we've completely redesigned thumbnails, along a lot of other things. Read full changelog

The "Playfull" Update 1 We've waved goodbye to our handy simple category icons and replaced them with fun little icons.
In the near future we'll be updating a few more things playfully!

There are currently a few bugs we are trying to kill, stay tuned. Version: 0.1.0 > Cheszy Jul 6
In February we moved from to
Starting July 15th, 2017, we'll start to remove all content from

Want to keep using the avatars? Please update the links before July 15. Version: 0.0.22
Agewall Jun 18
We've completely redesigned our Agewalls for explicit content. A simple new look, with more simple text, and an extra button to go back home if you don't wanna go trough to the page.
We've also added our agewalls to the explicit avatars pages. (Some still need to be added) Version: 0.0.11
Support is now Assistant Jun 16
As of today we changed Support to Assistant.
Nothing major changed, just the icons, colors and the name, but in the near future you’ll start seeing Assistant Cards on pages where you might need some help. Version: 0.0.8
The BETA Update Jun 8
Welcome to the BETA update.

In the past few weeks we've been busy building CHESZY up, from the ground. A new toolbar, new search, new menus, new library, new icons and much more.

We'll be tweaking CHESZY in the upcoming weeks, and until then, there might be some errors and some functions are diasbled.
We've also added a unique ID to the .css and .js files, so you'll get the new updates instantly. Therefore, Cheszy loads a little bit slower. Version: 0.0.1