Sep 13

Changed some thumbnails on Disney and Pixar

Small improvement on Search

General stability improvements

Aug 18

Added 3 new feeds on home

Allowed more categories and collections in popular categories

Aug 17

Reduced font size on featured avatars

Resized the height of the main menu

Repositioned arrows on popular categories

Allowed more categories and collections in popular categories

Aug 16

New collection: Netflix Originals

New collection: Pokémon TCG

Changed border on Header to a shadow

Removed background on featured categories

Adjusted colors on Night Mode

Redesigned Changelog

Redesigned Agewall

Redesigned Error pages

3.0.0 - The "Redesign" Update
Aug 15
After a year of testing, we're almost done with our redesign, the main features are working as expected. In the coming weeks we'll be tweaking the design, optimizing our code, so for the time being Cheszy is in beta. We've added a few new features, like a night mode, restricted mode and collections, as well as removed a few others (random and popular avatars). Here's the changelog:

New design prefix: 01

New logo

New: Night Mode

New: Restricted Mode (beta)

New: Collections

Redesigned Main Menu

Redesigned all icons for categories

Redesigned User Menu

Improved Search results

New: featured avatars on Home and avatars pages

New: Popular Categories on Home (beta)

New: Roadmap

New: FAQ

New: Changelog

Avatars are now in .png

Removed publish date of avatars