Sep 11

Changed copyright data on Pokémon Journeys

Sep 9

Redesigned Home

Removed Billboards

Sep 7

Moved Pokémon the Series to the new redesigned channels

New icon for: TV & Games

Sep 1

We've dropped support for Internet Explorer, if you're still using it, please update to a modern browser

Aug 26

Redesigned Billboard on home, and added a second one

Aug 24
We've moved some new tv series to the new tv channels:

Hannah Montana

Malcolm In The Middle

Ugly Betty

The Crown

13 Reasons Why

Orange Is the New Black

Aug 23

One Piece, Digimon Adventure (2020) and Looney Tunes Cartoons moved to the new tv channel design

Aug 22

Added Grace and Frankie, Catherine the Great, Russian Doll and Chernobyl to the new tv channel

Aug 22

Added Watchmen and The Mandalorian to the updated tv channels

Aug 21
In June we release multi season channels, however, we're ending that, and adding: TV Channels! The multi season channels just didn't work out as we planned, so after some testing, we are changing it to: tv channels. TV Channels are pages with multiple seasons, and added a menu right above the content to select a season. Sounds (and is) much easier. In the next few weeks we'll roll the change out to all multi season channels!

Redesigned tv channels to have a season selector

Grey's Anatomy, Friends, Game of Thrones and The Smurfs have the new season selector

Aug 20

Preparations for future update

Aug 17

Added 2 new Home feeds: "Added Last Month" & "Added 2 Months ago"

Aug 16
Today we redesigned our Legacy, it's a part of CHESZY that isn't linked anywhere on the website, but it's a part we maintain. We started making avatars on October 12, 2008, since then, a lot has changed, quality of tv shows, movies and music videos have been improved, our way of making avatars also changed. Due to this, we added avatars around that time, that we wouldn't do now, quality wise. Sometimes, we move avatars to our legacy, so we can re add them, but obviously, people are using our avatars, and we don't want them to lose our content (looking at you, Photobucket). So in this update, it's a change that isn't visible, but yet important:

Redesigned Legacy

Added a legacy report on some pages

Added Grey's Anatomy to Legacy

Removed Grey's Anatomy from Television (we'll be making new Grey's Anatomy avatars soon)

Aug 11

Critical bug fix

Adjusted the position of the right handed (user) menu

Aug 11

Added 5 more items to the Chart

Redesigned Movies pages, with smaller thumbnails

Some accessibility improvements

Fixed a spelling error in Terms of Use

Adjusted avatars count for 2018, 2019 and 2020

Aug 9

Minor bug fix

Aug 9

Removed the temporary caching blocker, so CHESZY will now load faster again

Aug 9

Added the 500K celebration blob and GIF in menu

Added a 500K celebration home feed

Updated the Current Series feed on Home

Most popular avatars are now showing correctly

New icons for Netflix Originals, Halloween, Christmas and Mickey

Added a permanent Dark Mode on Halloween

22.0 - The "Upgrade" Update
Aug 8
We now have over 500,000 avatars, yay 🥳! In this update we've upgraded a lot of things and added a few new features. To celebrate we have over 500K avatars, we've made a list with the most popular avatars of all time. Two new smurftastic categories; The Smurfs & Looney Tunes. As well as some general upgrades, updates and improvements.

New design prefix: 08

Redesigned header

New: featured in main menu

New categories: Looney Tunes & The Smurfs

New icons for: Movies, Pokémon, Disney, Pixar and People

New feature: Popular Avatars (beta)

Redesigned right hand menu

Improved Dark Mode

Redesigned Changelog, Avatars Queue and Terms of Use

New: Billboard on Home

Redesigned home feed and thumbnail sizes (specifically on smaller screens)

More padding on thumbnails

Added 2 new categories on Avatars Queue, On Hold & Hiatus

Redesigned Category and Channel pages

New category and channel header sizes (more will be added soon)

Redesigned error pages, with a cute, yet, confuses logo

Redesigned Agewall

Explicit content is now for 18+ (was 16+)

Redesigned default headers and thumbnails

Jun 29

Fixed a sharing to Twitter issue

Jun 27

Changed One Piece Sagas to Seasons

Added nice thumbnails for One Piece seasons

Minor bug fixes

Jun 14

Added some extra padding to the header, so it matched the content

Updated search results

Jun 12
Today we're launching something new: Multi season channels. We call the main pages of tv series, anime series, music artists 'channels', some series (like Pokémon, Game of Thrones and One Piece) have a lot of seasons, wich makes it difficult to properly link to all seasons from within the channel. With the multi season channels, we add a row on the home page, with latest episodes. Right underneath that section, you'll find: All seasons (or sagas) where you can easily click to. On each season/saga page, you'll be able to go back home, or the seasons overview. In some occasions you will find a related tab too!

Pokémon the Series and One Piece channel pages are now redesigned to the new channel system

Split One Piece from seasons to sagas

New thumbnails for most Pokémon the Series seasons

Added a label for season numbering

Jun 11

Added A/B testing for Popular avatars

Redesigned admin dashboard

Jun 10

Redesigned Archive

Redesigned label for explicit content and current month on thumbnails

Jun 10

Redesigned Avatars Queue

Redesigned Changelog

Jun 10

Redesigned avatars page

New share buttons on avatars

Moved date to top on avatars

New Recommended Avatars on avatars

Redesigned admin dashboard

Jun 10
We've decided to activate the new CHESZY, however, there are a lot of bugs and errors, in the coming days we'll work very hard to fix it all. The new features aren't available yet, but will be coming soon. Due to the amount of updates coming in the next few days, caching won't work, since we need a lot of style and code updates, so CHESZY will be a tiny bit slower than usual. Here's what changed and what's new (so far):

A brand new logo

New icon for browse avatars

3 new categories: Star Wars, Marvel CU and Mickey Mouse

Main menu is a bit smaller

Total avatars count now shows in search

A new user menu

Terms of Use & Support are now in user menu

You can now see what avatars are coming soon, in Avatars Queue

A full redesigned dark theme (it isn't working everywhere just yet)

Redesigned Home feed

New headings

Latest News feed on Home

New headings on Categories and Channels

Jun 1
The rework to a complete new CHESZY is, sadly, taking a bit longer than expected. But we're very close to finish the new design.

Bug fixes

Apr 16

Divided Music into popular & last updated artists

Divided Anime into series & movies

Changed Dragon Ball Super from category to channel

New thumbnail for My Neighbor Totoro

Small bug fix for avatars count displaying

Apr 14

Updated all channel icons to a new size: 175px x 175px

Temporarily removed all channel banners, they'll be added back soon

Apr 2

Obviously the previous update was an April Fools joke

Apr 1
It might sound foolish, but for the past few months we've been working very very hard to update ALL of our avatars! Squares are so last decade, so now, all the avatars are circles.

Updated all 474,145 avatars to be circles

Mar 12
We are currently working on a rework for CHESZY, due to some code changes, the recommendations on avatars pages are unabled to show. We decided to not work on a fix, instead, we continue to work on the rework.

Changed version numbering, retroactively

Adjusted code for better search results

Added code for a future update

Adjusted Dark Theme slightly

Disabled the Hero on Home

Feb 2

Moved Emoji avatars to Legacy (due to new Emoji avatars coming, soon™)

Feb 1

Moved Pokémon the Series to new Channel Menu design

Jan 16

Fixed the headers on Channels

Fixed Night Mode

Small bufixes

Jan 16

New design prefix: 06

Redesigned hero banner on Home

Added new Home feeds

Redesigned Category and Channel pages

New icons for: Pokémon the Series, The Simpsons and Disney

Jan 4

New design prefix: 05

Added a hero image on Home

New: Avatars Queue, see what's coming next!

Added arrows on linked headings

Merged Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and DMCA in to Terms of Use

Added a notification for the new Terms of Use

Added a copyright notice on Avatars pages

Added a published date on Avatars pages

Added a 16+ warning on explicit pages

Jan 1
2019 is over... 71,829 avatars have been added. We can't wait for 2020, 2020 is going to be a year filled with yellow 'people', The Simpsons are coming to CHESZY! Happy New Year!

Changed The Simpsons from channel to category

Added titles to The Simpsons

Changed all links from The Simpsons avatars

Changed all thumbnails for The Simpsons

Changed the entire site to 2020!

Dec 17

Changed Christmas banner background

Dec 16

General bugfixes

Adjusted avatars count

Dec 14

Fixed the links on The Mandalorian

Added a link on The Mandalorian feed on Home

Dec 12

Adjusted padding on thumbnails

Dec 11

Added a Christmas banner on Home

Changed Privacy Policy link in Footer

Dec 11

Thumbnails are now showing correctly on smaller to medium screens

Dec 10

Fixed Christmas menu link

Dec 9

Adjusted avatars count

Changed home feeds

Added a new analytics graph on dashboard

Dec 8
In this update we've completely recoded the entire website, removed a lot of old coding, tweaked the remaining coding, renamed everything and we've added the beginning of a few brand new features coming early next year. Here's everything that changed:

New design prefix: 04

New branding color:

Redesigned Night Mode

Redesigned Archive

New notification system

Added avatars count in footer

New icon for Browse Avatars

Completely redesigned Home feed

Bigger headings

New category: Christmas

New icon for Cartoon

Added a new collection: Minions

Added a temporary feed for: 24 Days of Christmas on Home

Improved recommended avatars

Improved search results

FAQ is now Support

Added a section to our Privacy Policy about childeren

We temporary disabled Restricted Mode (due to some issues)

Redesigned Admin dashboard

Added a cross site upload button

Dec 1

Small bugfix

10.0 - The "Christmas" Update
Nov 30
It's (almost) the most wonderfull time of the year! It will be Christmas in just 24 days from now. So we're launching: 24 Days of Christmas, wich means: a classic Christmas movie will be coming to CHESZY everyday, for 24 days! In the meantime, we might put out some addidtional avatars as well, enjoy!

New category: Christmas

New "24 Days of Christmas" feed on home

Added some Christmas coding

Nov 1

New design prefix: 03

Removed beta badge on logo

Oct 24

Updated version number to correct number

Oct 23

Added small code for future updates

Small bug fix

Oct 10

Added new code for a new feature we're currently testing

Oct 9

Added a standard Night theme on Halloween

Fixed title on Link's Awakening (2019) avatars

Oct 2

Renewed SSL Certificate

Oct 1

Added a Halloween special

Added Halloween to Popular Categories

Added a Halloween feed on Home

New icon for Games

Sep 25

Added missing avatars to Pokémon XY ep 12

Sep 24

Added a new feed on Home

Slightly decreased height of menu

Small improvements to Night Mode

Allowed all categories to appear in Popular Categories

Sep 20

Thumbnails in Today's recommendations are now bigger

Fixed an error that mixed up avatars count

Fixed some spelling on FAQ

Sep 19
We now have over 400,000 avatars!

Added a 400K Avatars special logo

Added a new category on Roadmap, Announced Avatars (avatars that are coming soon) and Planned Avatars (avatars that are coming, some time)

Added an admin button

Changed color in statistics

Sep 17

An extra row on New Avatars

Redesigned FAQ

Redesigned Roadmap

There is now a long term planning on Roadmap

New icons for Disney & Pixar

Sep 16

New design prefix: 02

Logo is now a tiny bit smaller

New and improved search, now with better and more relevant results

We now have a footer

Added a new DMCA Policy

Added copyright notice on avatars page in footer

Improved Night Mode, it's now 50% faster

Added a transparency background on transparent avatars

A new feed on home: Today's Recommendations (beta)

Sep 13

Changed some thumbnails on Disney and Pixar

Small improvement on Search

General stability improvements

Aug 18

Added 3 new feeds on home

Allowed more categories and collections in popular categories

Aug 17

Reduced font size on featured avatars

Resized the height of the main menu

Repositioned arrows on popular categories

Allowed more categories and collections in popular categories

Aug 16

New collection: Netflix Originals

New collection: Pokémon TCG

Changed border on Header to a shadow

Removed background on featured categories

Adjusted colors on Night Mode

Redesigned Changelog

Redesigned Agewall

Redesigned Error pages

1.0 - The "Redesign" Update
Aug 15
After a year of testing, we're almost done with our redesign, the main features are working as expected. In the coming weeks we'll be tweaking the design, optimizing our code, so for the time being Cheszy is in beta. We've added a few new features, like a night mode, restricted mode and collections, as well as removed a few others (random and popular avatars). Here's the changelog:

New design prefix: 01

New logo

New: Night Mode

New: Restricted Mode (beta)

New: Collections

Redesigned Main Menu

Redesigned all icons for categories

Redesigned User Menu

Improved Search results

New: featured avatars on Home and avatars pages

New: Popular Categories on Home (beta)

New: Roadmap

New: FAQ

New: Changelog

Avatars are now in .png

Removed publish date of avatars

We've stopped supporting this browser. For the best experience please update your browser.