Feb 5

Fixed a critical security bug.

Jan 30

Improved search results

Jan 15

Redesigned the user menu to be more aligned with the main menu

Popular avatars on home now have 3 items instead of 5

Removed "Collections" from main menu

Redesigned Archives home to be more aligned with the rest

Jan 1

Changed and added some feeds on home

Changed copyright data to 2021

Switched CHESZY to 2021, new year on archive

Dec 28

Redesigned thumbnails on Collections

Removed the temporary star overlay on some thumbnails for Christmas

Removed Christmas avatars from featured

Redesigned Emoji avatars thumbnails, a new color and font

Dec 22

Added 2 new feeds on home: Best of 2020: Anime & Television

Added a color to those headings

Dec 20

New feature: Collections

New collection: CHESZY in 2020

Added a 2020 button on header

Added a: Coming soon to CHESZY feed on home

Added a temporary star overlay on some thumbnails for Christmas

Dec 18

All avatars are reuploaded, however, we've decided to not reupload our Legacy (approximately 2,000 avatars)

Fixed some thumbnails

Fixed some spelling errors

1.0 - "The Migration Update"
Dec 17
CHESZY keeps on growing, especially in 2020, we grew a lot, as of today, 110,608 have been added in 2020 so far. Due to the growth and increasing traffic, our servers didn't fit us anymore, so we had to switch to a new and bigger and shinier server. Moving over 700K files takes time and effort, and everything that can go wrong, did go wrong. Our backup corrupted, so we have to manually upload all the avatars, wich might take a couple of days. As soon as all our avatars are uploaded, we'll resume uploading new content (we have quitte some ready to go). While we where waiting, we decided to redesign CHESZY, improve some current features and prepare a brand new feature. Here's everything that changed, and is new:

New design prefix: 01

New version numbering: year.week.update

Redesigned home, a section with currently popular avatars, new avatars, some other feeds and current series

Smaller thumbnails on all pages, so there's more content to see at once

New default banner for channels

New icons for: Grey's Anatomy, Animaniacs, The Mandalorian and Mickey Mouse

Improved our coding, CHESZY now loads 20% faster

Smaller icons on channels (were 175x175px, are now 100x100px)

Updated all our favicons

Redesigned admin Dashboard

While we're completing the migration, some things might not work, but we're working really hard to make everything work as it's supposed to. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.