Frequently Asked Questions Beta

Last Modified: February 6, 2018

What is this website?

CHESZY is the biggest avatar provider on the web with currently 396176 free high quality avatars.

Under what settings is CHESZY best viewed?

The site uses a responsive design that should look good at any resolution, from smartphones to large desktop screens. We support recent versions of every major modern browser: Chrome 50+, Safari 9+, Firefox 44+, Edge 21+, and Opera 23+.

On most smartphones and tablets there is a special design, where there is a bottom bar menu and smaller logo, optimized thumnails. If this isn't the case on your device, please email us at Please specify your device model (ie. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S..) and software version.

How can I find avatars?

You can search (top right) or use the Library.

How do I use the avatars?

There's a lot of ways in which the content on this site can be used. First, you have to decide what you want the avatars for... a graphic design? a blend? a poster? a compilation? You can Google a tutorial for that (if needed) and really make anything you desire.

Can I use the avatars for my own projects?

It depends. Is your project commercial in any way (as in, do you want to make money from it)? If so, then no, you can't. The avatars are all copyrighted works and owned by their respected copyright holders and as such, cannot be used in commercial projects without their express written consent.

If your project is free and for personal use, go ahead. This is the main reason we make the avatars.

How do I make my own avatars?

Well, there are a million ways on doing this. There will be a tutorial for this soon.

You don't have X avatars, can you make them?

Sure, please email us at And specifically state what kind of avatars you want.